Therapeutic Use Exemptions (committee and secretariat)

After two years dominated by COVID-19, the number of applications seems to have returned to normal. The rise in applications may also be due in part to the changes in regulations relating to corticosteroids.

Exemptions were ultimately granted in 130 cases, a sizeable recovery by comparison with 2021 (see Table 8.1). Applications were turned down initially in eight cases; a number of these were granted after all at a later date (for example after more specific information had been provided).

Table 8.1: number of exemptions granted and rejected applications over the years
Application for a therapeutic use exemption20182019202020212022
Not granted12 (8.7%)15 (11.3%)12 (12.2%)5 (4.4%)8 (5.8%)

As in most recent years, the largest number of exemptions in 2022 related to the use of methylphenidate (54). That is 41.5% of the exemptions granted, less than in previous years. However, methylphenidate remains by far the substance for which exemptions are most frequently requested.

Other types of medication for which exemptions were often granted were dexamphetamine (12.3%), insulin (9.2%) and (lis)dexamphetamine (5.3%).

The applications came from 38 different sports associations. The Royal Dutch Football Association was at the top of the list with 25 applications granted (19.2%), followed by the Royal Dutch Cycling Union (10.8%), the Royal Dutch Strength Sport and Fitness Association and the Royal Dutch Swimming Association (both 6.2%)