Doping Authority Netherlands was actively involved in 2022 in the international anti-doping policy. The international activities of Doping Authority Netherlands have several aims: Doping Authority Netherlands wishes to collect current knowledge, influence international anti-doping policy, promote Dutch anti-doping policy and strengthen international collaboration.


Education Standing Committee

The Head of Education is a member of WADA’s Education Standing Committee. The Education Standing Committee met twice in 2022 (in April in Montreal and in September in Sydney). There were online meetings in June and December.

Working group on the development of training programmes

Doping Authority Netherlands acted as chair on one of WADA’s working groups on the development of training programmes (Global Learning & Development Framework). The training programmes are for people working in the field of anti-doping. The work was completed in 2022. In addition, the Head of Education is one of the trainers of the pilot project for the Education training programme. This programme is conducted primarily online.

On 11 June, the Head of Education participated in a panel discussion on WADA’s Global Learning and Development Framework during WADA’s Annual Symposium. On 24 and 25 September, the Head of Education – with the heads of education from Australia and France – organised a course in Sydney for education managers from Asia and Oceania.

Global Education Conference

The CEO and the Head of Education participated in WADA’s Global Education Conference on 20 and 21 September. The conference was organised in collaboration with Sport Integrity Australia. There was also an Innovation Day (22 September) and a laboratory visit (23 September). The Head of Education gave a presentation on developments in Europe during the conference and he participated in a panel discussion at the conclusion of the first day. During the Innovation Day, the Head of Education led the session for the European region and ran a short workshop on the sports values game used in education sessions for elite sports.

Prohibited list

Like every year, a response to the draft version of the prohibited list was sent to WADA in the summer. Doping Authority Netherlands coordinates the Dutch response on behalf of the NOC*NSF, the NOC*NSF Athletes Committee and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

WADA Prevalence of Doping Working Group

At the request of WADA, we have a seat on the Prevalence of Doping Working Group. The general aim is to establish a more detailed picture of the knowledge currently available about the prevalence of doping and how this knowledge can best be increased in the future. In 2022, further pilot studies were conducted and work continued on a range of scientific publications on this subject.


Doping Authority Netherlands was an active participant in 2022 in the international anti-doping policy. The international activities of Doping Authority Netherlands address two goals: Doping Authority Netherlands wants to collect up-to-date current knowledge and to influence the international anti-doping policy.

The structural international activities of Doping Authority Netherlands are situated in the context of the Council of Europe. This involves, on the one hand, activities in the context of the Council of Europe’s Anti-Doping Convention and, on the other hand, coordinating the positions of the European representatives at WADA’s board meetings. The latter is organised in the meetings of the CAHAMA (Ad hoc European Committee for the World Anti-Doping Agency). The CAHAMA mission is:

  1. to examine the issues concerning relations between the Council of Europe, its Member States and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and to decide on a common position, when possible, on these issues;
  2. to draw up, if necessary, opinions for the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on these issues, including the budgetary elements;
  3. to periodically revise the mandate of members of the WADA Foundation Board appointed by the Council of Europe.

Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing discussion about Russia’s participation in meetings in the context of the Council of Europe, there were fewer meetings than usual, particularly under the banner of the Anti-Doping Convention. Doping Authority Netherlands attended four CAHAMA meetings. The Head of the Legal Affairs department was elected vice-chair of CAHAMA in 2022.

Advisory Groups

In the context of the ‘Advisory Group on Education – Drafting Group’ of the Council of Europe, Doping Authority Netherlands attended two meetings in 2022, one in Paris in May and one in Rotterdam in December (at the invitation of Doping Authority Netherlands). The group also met regularly online.

Institute for National Anti-Doping Organizations (iNADO)

The iNADO key objectives are: to support and strengthen the work of national anti-doping organisations, and to represent their members in the international domain.

Doping Authority Netherlands is an active member of iNADO. Doping Authority Netherlands also participated in (and contributed to) a range of iNADO activities that went ahead despite the impact that the corona pandemic also had on iNADO’s work.


Doping Authority Netherlands is developing educational materials for the Dutch Caribbean. Work is proceeding on printed material, e-learning and videos. The printed materials and videos were completed in 2022.

ERASMUS+ projects

Doping Authority Netherlands was involved as a partner in three ERASMUS+ projects in 2022: RESPECT-P, FAIR+ and GLDF4CLEANSPORT.

  • RESPECT-P is a continuation of the earlier RESPECT project, but with the focus on disabled sports. The goal is to bring policymakers, researchers and practitioners together in order to improve anti-doping education for this group.
  • One of the goals of FAIR+ is to draw up guidelines for the development and evaluation of educational programmes targeting coaches, trainers and instructors working in recreational sports. This is the area (Technical Expert Group 2) in which Doping Authority Netherlands was involved. The FAIR+ project ended formally on 31 December.
  • GLDF4CLEANSPORT is linked to WADA’s Global Learning and Development Framework. The aim of the project is to improve the skills and competences of anti-doping professionals and to improve the effectiveness of anti-doping organisations.

Play the Game

The research officer and the DCO team leader attended a conference abroad on democracy, transparency and freedom in sports culture worldwide: Play the Game 2022.

Visit of ESTCIS education manager

From 10 to 14 October, the education manager of the Estonian sports integrity organisation ESTCIS made a job shadowing visit to Doping Authority Netherlands. The aim was to further knowledge exchange by following the education manager of another organisation.