The COVID pandemic also had a clear impact on TUE applications in 2021. On the other hand, there was a clear recovery compared with 2020.

In the end, exemptions were granted in 108 cases, which is a slight recovery compared with 2020. Applications were turned down in five cases initially; a number of these were granted after all at a later date (for example after more specific information had been provided).

Table 8.1 Overview of the number of granted / not granted TUE applications per year
Not granted5 (4.9%)6 (4.6%)12 (8.7%)15 (11.3%)12 (12.2%)5 (4.4%)

As in most recent years, most exemptions in 2021 related to the use of methylphenidate (48). That is 44% of the exemptions granted, a lower number than in previous years, but methylphenidate remains by far the substance for which exemptions are most frequently requested.

Other types of medication for which exemptions were often granted were insulin (12%) and prednisone/prednisolone (7.4%).

The applications came from 33 different sports associations. Swimming was at the top of the list again with 13 applications granted (12%), followed by the Royal Dutch Cycling Union (9.3%) and the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association (8.3%)

In addition, a start was made on modifying and updating the TUE website, particularly to make it more user-friendly and to improve data security. Another important focus was facilitating communications between the secretariat and the members of the committee.