Doping Authority Netherlands is a knowledge institute. The experience of Doping Authority Netherlands and its legal predecessors ensure that the current work can be done as well as possible. Some years ago, it was noted that the employees of Doping Authority Netherlands themselves possess a lot of knowledge and experience but that a professional organisation should not be dependent on this situation. Since then, the subject of ‘knowledge management’ has become a part of the day-to-day work and it is a separate item in budgets and annual reports.

In addition to the archives for each department, it was decided to set up a database with the most essential anti-doping information: the Anti-Doping Knowledge Centre (ADKC). The ADKC has proven its worth in recent years as the largest public collection of doping-related documents. Some ‘records’ have been split and, in addition, 821 new records have been added in 2021. The total number of available documents was 7,741 on 31 December 2021. In addition, existing documents are constantly checked and improved, in part on the basis of new relevant search terms.

The database consists primarily of legal documents, in particular the motivated decisions of competent disciplinary bodies relating to doping sanctions. The majority are decisions of the sports tribunal CAS but, increasingly, the legal decisions of the disciplinary committees of international sports federations and national disciplinary bodies can also be found in the database. The decisions of a few dozen sports and countries are now being processed. There is also continuous contact with countries and sports that do not yet share their decisions. The main goal of this work is to provide access to the available jurisprudence in the field of doping in order to make decisions in the future stronger.

The website also contains scientific articles about all conceivable doping subjects, educational materials and all kinds of other doping documents. This means that the ADKC also has a historical role since documents that have expired are generally difficult to find on the Internet.

The database is freely accessible through the website