Doping Authority Netherlands was very actively involved in 2019 in the international doping policy. The objective of the international activities of Doping Authority Netherlands is fourfold: Doping Authority Netherlands wishes to collect current knowledge, influence international anti-doping policy, promote Dutch anti-doping policy and strengthen international cooperation.


Prohibited list

Like every year, a response to the draft version of the prohibited list was sent to WADA in the summer. Doping Authority Netherlands coordinates the Dutch response on behalf of the NOC*NSF, the NOC*NSF Athletes Committee and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

NADO Advisory Group

The CEO of Doping Authority Netherlands is a member of this advisory committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency. The group met twice – on 15/16 April and 7/8 October 2019 – in Montreal, Canada. The group discussed various topics that are important for collaboration between National Anti-Doping Organisations and WADA. The points of view and recommendations of the group were submitted in writing to the board and management of WADA.

WADA Prevalence of Doping Working Group

At the request of WADA, we have a seat on the Prevalence of Doping Working Group. The general aim is to map out in greater detail current knowledge about the prevalence of doping use, and how this knowledge can best be enhanced in the future.


CAHAMA and Monitoring Group

We attended three meetings of the CAHAMA (Ad hoc European Committee for the World Anti-Doping Agency). The CAHAMA mission is:

  1. to examine the issues concerning relations between the Council of Europe, its Member States and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and to decide on a common position, when possible, on these issues;
  2. to draw up, if necessary, opinions for the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on these issues, including the budgetary elements;
  3. to periodically revise the mandate of members of the WADA Foundation Board appointed by the Council of Europe.

In 2019, CAHAMA's activities mainly focused on the non-compliance of Russia, compliance testing by WADA of all doping organisations worldwide (including Doping Authority Netherlands), the wishes of WADA relating to an increase in the budget, and preparations for the election of the WADA president.
The Doping Authority also attended the two annual meetings of the Monitoring Group, which focuses on monitoring the implementation of the Anti-Doping Convention of the Council of Europe, and developing and improving anti-doping systems and structures.

Anti-Doping Convention

Since 2017, a working group of the Council of Europe, chaired by the Head of Legal Affairs of Doping Authority Netherlands, has been studying the question of whether it is desirable and necessary to amend the Council of Europe Anti-Doping Convention. In 2019, the Monitoring Group of the Anti-Doping Convention unanimously approved proposals to amend the current Convention. The Committee of Ministers will now be asked to take a decision about the actual initiation in formal terms of the process of drafting an amended Convention.

Advisory Groups: Legal Issues

Doping Authority Netherlands participated in the 'Advisory Group on Legal Issues' of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on 29 February and 10 September and the working group on Human Rights in Strasbourg on 3 July and 19 November.

Advisory Groups: Education

In the context of the 'Expert Group on Education' of the Council of Europe, Doping Authority Netherlands attended the meeting on 17-18 January (Paris, France) and 5-6 September (London, UK). In addition, a working group has emerged from this group. This 'Drafting Group' is providing WADA with support for the drafting of the Education Guidelines. Doping Authority Netherlands is a member of this group and it participated in a webinar meeting on 28 October and in a meeting on 10 and 11 December (Madrid, Spain).

It also attended a meeting of the Expert Group on Science of the Council of Europe on 23-24 January (Paris, France), and a webinar meeting of the same group on 25 June.

Anti-Doping Convention (Annual) Conference

The head of Legal Affairs and the CEO attended the conference organised by the Council of Europe on 4 April. On that occasion, the CEO gave a presentation on the CoE Anti-Doping Convention. After the conference ended, the CoE decided to organise it on an annual basis.


The iNADO key objectives are: to support and strengthen the work of National Anti-Doping Organisations, and to represent their members in the international domain.
Doping Authority Netherlands is a very active member of the Institute for National Anti-Doping Organisations (iNADO). In addition, the CEO is also the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of the institute and he deputises for the Chair of the Board of Directors in his absence. Doping Authority Netherlands participated in, and contributed to, the annual iNADO Workshop, various Webinars and other iNADO activities. The CEO of Doping Authority Netherlands also chaired the committee that selected a new CEO for the organisation in the second half of 2019.


Erasmus+ Project FAIR / FAIR+

The ADAN foundation was a partner in a three-year (2017-2019) project entitled 'Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational Sports' (FAIR). The project was initiated by Europe Active. The focus was on improving prevention programmes in fitness/recreational sport and the regulation of sports dietary supplements in European countries. The results of the project have been set out in a final report.

Doping Authority Netherlands is also a partner in the follow-up project FAIR+. The aim of the project is to enhance European collaboration in the fight against doping in 'recreational sports'.

Erasmus+ Project RESPECT / RESPECT-P

The ADAN foundation is a partner in a three-year (2018-2020) project entitled 'Research-Embedded Strategic Plan for Anti-Doping Education: Clean Sport Alliance Initiative for Tackling Doping' (RESPECT). The initiator of this project is Leeds Beckett University. The aim is to bridge the gap between the academic world in the field of social science and the practical world of doping education. The emphasis is on ensuring that clean athletes are heard more. Former elite athlete and psychologist Jacco Arends interviewed 14 Dutch athletes about the theme of 'clean sport' for the purposes of the project. Jacco Arends and athlete Mark Bakker also spoke at the Clean Sport Insight Forum in London (United Kingdom) on 4 September 2019.

In 2020, the follow-up to RESPECT began (2020-2022), and Doping Authority Netherlands is a partner in this project – RESPECT-P – which focuses more on research and strengthening the voice of the clean athlete in disabled sports.


Following on from the Council of Europe Education Drafting Group meeting in Madrid, Doping Authority Netherlands attended a meeting of AEPSAD (the Spanish NADO) on 12 December. The meeting was part of an Erasmus+ Project and the theme was the prevention of doping in the fitness world.


  • On 18 March, three colleagues from Japan (JADA) visited Doping Authority Netherlands. The main topics of discussion were the collection of information, the deployment of doping controls and results management.
  • On 11 April, two colleagues from South Korea (KADA) visited Doping Authority Netherlands. The main topics of discussion were the Wuab, the collection of information, the Supplement Checker app and therapeutic use exemptions.
  • On 26 June, three representatives of SDFA, the counterpart of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority from Saudi Arabia, visited Doping Authority Netherlands. The main topics of discussion were the Wuab, risk assessments and training courses.
  • On 18 October, Karoline Solheim of Anti-Doping Norway visited Doping Authority Netherlands. The aim was mainly to share knowledge in the field of 'public health and doping'.
  • On 20 November, the education departments of Doping Authority Netherlands and NADA Germany had a knowledge exchange day at Papendal.