You are viewing the thirteenth Annual Report from the Anti-Doping Authority of the Netherlands. This is the eighth Annual Report to be published exclusively in digital form. And it is the last annual report for the foundation in which we will report on our work as a National Anti-Doping Organisation, now that this position has been taken over by the independent administrative body (zbo) Doping Authority Netherlands with effect from 2019.

Preparations for the transfer of tasks and resources by the foundation to the zbo were made in the course of 2018. In order to bring this extensive and complex task to a successful conclusion, a great deal of time was invested in the process, not least in informing staff and other stakeholders about the transition process, and about the consequences this process would have for each individual. A lot of work was done by an external project manager who was able to work on this project for a large part of the year. The transition process was supervised by a Steering Committee in which the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the board of the foundation and the proposed director of the zbo were represented. The Steering Committee was chaired by the Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, who will act as the 'owner' of the zbo from 2019 onwards.

By the end of 2018, almost all the required steps and decisions had been taken so that the actual transition was made smoothly at the turn of the year. The transfer of staff, property, databases and rights was regulated in a transition agreement between the foundation and the zbo. Agreements were also made within the foundation about the completion of doping control procedures initiated before the end of 2018. The foundation is not transferring these cases to the zbo and it will complete the procedures itself. After the final completion of the last procedure, the foundation will be wound up.

Given the ongoing intensive contacts with the press in 2018, it would seem fair to conclude that the high profile of the Doping Authority is a fact of life that does not depend on the seriousness or extent of current doping cases (in the Netherlands or elsewhere). It is not possible to respond to all requests for information and comments, and so a selective approach is unavoidable. Nevertheless, the aim is to provide the fastest and most complete possible service for the principal media (national newspapers, radio and television). The numerous contacts with the media resulted once again in an extremely large number of publications and broadcasts that included the Doping Authority's views and the information we provided. More than in previous years, the media reported on the organisation of the doping policy in an international context in direct response to the very serious doping issues in Russia and often on the basis (in part) of information provided by the Doping Authority.

The nature and extent of the Russian 'doping scandal', and the range of responses in the international sports world, also had a major impact on the Doping Authority. WADA involved the Doping Authority in different ways in a number of projects focusing not only on finding solutions for the short term but also on the implementation of reforms in the global anti-doping world in the longer term. Back in 2016, a new form of collaboration between National Anti-Doping Organisations (the 'NADO Leader Summits') was set up at a rapid pace and this line was continued in 2017 and 2018 (with two more meetings annually). These summits produced analyses and explanations that will play a major role in international decision-making.

A total of 3,145 doping controls took place, 2,257 under the National Doping Control Programme and 888 on behalf of third parties. The total number of controls conducted on behalf of third parties is the highest number in the history of Dutch anti-doping policy.

Despite the ongoing struggle to balance the responsibilities of the organisation and the available resources, we believe that we made an important contribution to the fight against doping in sport once again in 2018. We hope you will agree with us after reading this Annual Report.