Contributions to doping proceedings
The Doping Authority is actively involved in all aspects of disciplinary proceedings in doping cases. An important role of the Doping Authority here consists of submitting arguments in doping proceedings and attending hearings. By submitting written arguments, the Doping Authority can state its views on the case and discuss the relevant provisions from the NDR and the defence arguments of the athlete or other persons. The Doping Authority submitted written arguments in all proceedings managed by disciplinary bodies in 2018, including appeals, followed in some cases by additional arguments. The Doping Authority was also present at hearings in almost all cases.

The Anti-Doping Policy Implementation Bill (Wuab)
The Wuab went into effect on 1 January 2019. The Doping Authority made further contributions to the legislative process in 2018, and in particular to the substance of the bill.

In addition, 2018 was dominated by the preparations for the creation of the zbo Doping Authority Netherlands. There was a particular focus here on identifying which decisions of Doping Authority Netherlands are decisions in the sense of the General Administrative Law Act (Awb) because those decisions are subject to review and appeal. Furthermore, preparations have been made in the context of the application of the Government Information (Public Access) Act (Wob), and all obligations arising from the General Data Protection Regulation have been met.

First step towards collaboration protocols
In the letter to the Lower House of 4 July 2018 from the Minister of Medical Care and Sport concerning measures to strengthen action against doping, the Minister indicated, among other things, that there is a comprehensive framework of laws that are important in the field of doping, but that collaboration is crucial to effective implementation. The Minister has informed the House that, for this reason, collaboration protocols will be drawn up between NVWA, IGJ, the customs authorities, the Public Prosecution Service, the Police and FIOD on the one hand and Doping Authority Netherlands on the other. This letter to the Lower House was the starting point for bilateral discussions between the aforementioned bodies and organisations about future collaboration and the exchange of information.

Structural activities and operations
Our structural legal activities in 2018 included the provision of general legal services and support within the organisation. This involved preparing and reviewing contracts, letters, memoranda and policy memoranda, and advice for the various departments of the Doping Authority and management.

The structural activities in 2018 also included education and advice for sports associations and, in isolated cases, athletes with respect to the substance, operation and application of the Doping Regulations.